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Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

  • How does it work?

    We visit local stores and restaurants in our pilot neighborhoods and evaluate them to determine if they're ethical and sustainable. If we believe they are doing enough things right, (see section below on what is ethical and sustainable), we work with them to highlight their values in a video clip, and provide an exclusive offer to our community of ethical consumers.

  • What area of NYC is your "beta pilot" focused on?

    Our pilot is focused on neighborhoods south of 14th Street - mostly the East Village, West Village and Greenwich Village. Our goal is to get as much feedback as possible from local business owners and consumers like you during this phase so we can expand successfully across and around NYC.

  • How long will each sale last?

    During our "beta pilot" phase, deals will last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Once we've gotten feedback and are ready for our next phase, deals will be highlighted for a consistent - and much shorter - period of time.

  • What happens after I make a purchase?

    We'll send you a confirmation email shortly after you complete your purchase with a link to the voucher for you to print out and bring to the store.

  • What if I misplace my confirmation email?

    You can access your voucher directly on the site by logging into the My Account section and printing it from there.

  • How do I redeem an offer?

    Redemption details differ per featured store but, instructions will appear on each offer page, as well as the Confirm Your order page and email.

What Is Ethical And Sustainable? Δ

  • How do you know when a business is ethical and sustainable?

    We're evaluating businesses on 4 criteria:

    1. How the store or restaurant engages with the community
    2. How it supports its employees
    3. How it addresses the store's environmental impact
    4. How its products and services are sourced and which products are chosen

  • Why don't you give the stores a rating?

    As we've discovered in conversations with literally hundreds of consumers, everyone has a different definition of an ethical, sustainable and local store or restaurant. Instead of forcing our definition on everyone, we've decided to provide our community of conscientious consumers with the information we've gathered about the stores' practices and let you make the decision for yourself as to whether it is ethical or sustainable enough to get your business.

  • Can we recommend stores and restaurants to evaluate?

    Absolutely, please visit the Your Community section to let us know what stores to evaluate!

  • How do you know all the data you collected is accurate?

    The owner or manager of the store verifies, often for a second time, the data we collect on the ethical and sustainable business practices at the store. The owner is also on camera, which we believe provides additional assurance that the qualitative information is accurate to the best of everyone's knowledge. Of course, businesses change, too. And that's why we'll also provide an area for comment and discussion with each featured business.

  • Are you a non-profit organization?

    No, Jon and Jeff are social entrepreneurs. This means we want to make a profit AND a difference. For us, this is the definition of ethical and sustainable. We plan to apply for certification as a B Corporation in the near future.