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About Us

We help you discover great local businesses where you can align your purchases with your values.

Many stores and restaurants have great practices in mitigating environmental impact, engaging with their community, supporting their employees and sourcing products locally and naturally. But it's hard to know who does what, and why we should shop or eat there.

That's where ethikus comes in. We believe in supporting businesses that do good, and that it should be easy to do so. We survey local establishments and identify what's ethical and sustainable in their day-to-day business practices. That information is put in our database and available for you, the conscientious shopper.

With ethikus you can find and choose local businesses that share your values, whether it's composting and energy efficiency, or employee healthcare and community donations, or any combination of what you care about!

The Shop Your Values Week pledge is just the beginning. We want to create a long-term movement towards better shopping. When you 'vote with your wallet' at ethikus businesses you send a message that sustainability is profitable and community comes first. When thousands of people do likewise, it will be a message that's impossible to ignore. Businesses big and small will begin to make changes for the better, and ethikus will be there to help them as well.

Advance your values, promote sustainable business practices and discover the good in your neighborhood with ethikus.